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Structural insulated panels (SIP panels)

Capacities of our company allow us to manufacture modern building material, structural insulated panels, in any required quantity. The panels made according to the innovative technologies meet all quality requirements, have corresponding certificates and can be used for building of residential or commercial buildings.

What are structural insulated panels? Their use in construction of houses. More and more people prefer own house rather than an apartment. But usually building of a house lasts for a long time, due to the process of erection of base and walls, and is accompanied with necessity to use heavy and expensive equipment and materials. But people want to move in the own house as soon as possible in order to enjoy cosiness and quiet of own accommodation.

But now it is real. Continuous development and improvement of scientific technologies leads to invention of new building materials. The name of this material is structural insulated panel, also know as sandwich panels. You might have already heard about this modern material, but very few people know what it actually is.

SIP and their advantages.

Structural Insulated Panel is a constructional heat insulating panel. What is the essence of it? The matter is that such panels have a set of advantages in comparison with other materials:

  • installation of SIP increases heat protection of a house in 1,5 times;
  • application of this material simplifies and accelerates process of house building several times;
  • sandwich panels strengthen stability of bearing structure of a house several times;
  • SIP panels are not subject to deformation, in comparison with other materials;
  • expenses of materials for frame are considerably reduced, because SIP bears part of the load;
  • this material is environmental-friendly;

Thus, houses made of SIP are accommodation meeting qualitative requirements of heat insulation, stability to influence of environment and ecological compatibility of materials.

How SIP look like?

These are two moisture resistant plates connected by a layer of firm polystyrene foam. Inspite of concerns, such a structure is safe in case of fire. Despite the fact that OSB plates which are applied in panels are compared with chipboard panels, it is not so at all. Durability, profitability and ecological characteristics were the most important at development of this material; therefore, a very small amount of chemical compounds are used at designing of SIP. Houses built of SIP are applied not only at construction of industrial and residential buildings, but also at building of schools, kindergartens, hospitals. High thermal protection of panels of a new level was tested at researches carried out at Northern and Southern poles. So it is scientifically proved that the houses constructed with use of SIP are very warm.

For example: the brick wall should be 15 times thicker in order to ensure the same heat-saving effect. Structural insulated panels, the price for which is not much higher than for other building materials, will save your money, because heating is the biggest part of expenses in cold climate conditions. New building technologies allow you to save money without compromising qualitative characteristics of a house. On the contrary, you will make your house warmer, cosier, more durable and more practical.

SIP price

Model SIP panels The SIP panel size (length x width x thickness, mm)(OSB) SIP panel application The price of SIP panels, euro without VAT
PANEĻUMĀJA 130 SIP 2500 x 1250 x 130 (12) Internal partitions of buildings 89,-
2500 x 1250 x 130 (15) 99,-
PANEĻUMĀJA 180 SIP 2500 x 1250 x 180 (12) Exterior and interior load-bearing walls of buildings 109,-
2500 x 1250 x 180 (15) 115,-
PANEĻUMĀJA 230 SIP 2500 x 1250 x 230 (12) Interfloor of the buildings, roof of buildings 119,-
2500 x 1250 x 230 (15) 126,-
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